8 Web Summit 2019 talks for environment enthusiasts!

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This year will be the 4th edition in Lisbon of one of the biggest technology conference in Europe. And if you are attending this event and you are looking for the best talks about environment, here are the one's that you should attend! This year will be a blast, with even more talks related with environment!

1. “Planes, trains and automobiles: How can we travel sustainably?” 
 5 Nov | Planet:Tech | 11h15 | Sandra Bour Schaeffer (Head of Airbus Group Demonstrator& CEO of Airbus ExO Alpha, AIRBUS SAS); Kevin Conrad (Executive Director, Coalition for Rainforest Nations); Isabel Hilton (Founder & Editor, Chinadialogue.Net).

"Flight shaming is growing, carbon footprints are shrinking and the need to provide climate friendly travel methods is reaching new heights. What's next for travel and transport in a world that's increasingly unhappy with the options currently on offer?"

2. “Are we facing water wars?” 
 5 Nov | Planet:Tech | 11h35 | Paul O'Callaghan (Founder, BlueTech Research); Drew Fitzgerald (Co-Founder, 501CTHREE.org & JUST Water); Jay Iyengar (Chief Innovation and Technology Officer , Xylem); Tom Finn (Deputy Editor, Thomson Reuters Foundation)

"We live on a big blue green ball. But there's no world without water. What can be done to protect and preserve the global supply? Is the glass half full or half empty? And how will global politics play out if there's not enough to go round?"

3. “Plates and the planet: How to eco-feed the world” 
 5 Nov | Planet:Tech | 12h40 | Vandana Tilak (CEO, Akshaya Patra Foundation); Antoine Hubert (CEO, Ynsect); Britta Muzyk-Tikovsky (Founder & CEO, Capscovil Innovation Agency)

"A growing population means more mouths to feed. And there are a shrinking number of solutions, especially sustainable ones. Where to next for those who fight world hunger? And can tech step in to save the spread?"

4. “Why the ocean isn't doomed” 
 5 Nov | Planet:Tech | 14h50 | Garrett McNamara (Big Wave Pioneer, Garret McNamara); Dianna Cohen (Co-founder & CEO, Plastic Pollution Coalition); Philip Crowther (International Affiliate Reporter, Associated Press)

"Plastic in the Pacific. Shampoo in the Sargasso sea. Bottles on the beaches. As some claim it's too late to clean up the oceans, others ask what happens if we don't? Our panel of experts reflects on the fight to look past pollution, toward solutions, and reveal why they believe all is not yet lost."

5. “Can brands save the planet?” 
 5 Nov | PandaConf | 15h20 |Shane Wall (CTO & Global Head of HP Labs, HP Inc.); Ian Somerhalder (Actor, Ian Somerhalder); Naina Bajekal (Deputy International Editor, TIME Magazine).

"What role do brands have in saving the planet? As governments around the world abdicate responsibility, is it time for brands to speak out and step in?"

6. “Is it too late to save the world?” 
 6 Nov | Centre Stage | 14h45 |Christiana Figueres (Founding Partner, Global Optimism); Kate Brandt (Chief Sustainability Officer, Google); Cheng Lei (Anchor, CGTN Europe)

"With America pulling out of the Paris climate accord and climate scientists issuing increasingly pessimistic forecasts about the climate crisis, we ask whether it is now too late to change course. If we can avoid a catastrophe, how are we going to do it?"

7. “Fashion, way beyond next season” 
 7 Nov | Modum | 14h40 | Anna Gedda (Chief Sustainability Officer, H&M)

"A sprawling consumer demographic and speedy output would normally set off alarm bells for eco-warriors everywhere. With H&M, that's not the case. Join Anna Gedda, Chief Sustainability Officer, as she discusses the prioritisation of circularity and transparency during the most crucial environmental crisis of all time."

8. “ Sustainability: A moment, or a movement?” 
 7 Nov | Modum | 15h00 | Katrin Ley (Managing Director, Fashion for Good); Jack Constantine (Chief Technology Officer, Lush); Simon Beckerman (Founder, Depop); Mark Russell (Managing Editor, British Vogue)

"Sure, we all love a tote bag, and sustainable sneakers have become celebrity must-haves. However, fashion and beauty remain some of the most wasteful industries in the world. How can brands use tech to move beyond the sustainability "moment" and make a real difference?"

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